Customer Testimonials

"I would like to commend your service, advice, and professionalism. I have never had any type of service company contact me so quickly, and advise me so honestly about the best course of action to take on the repair/replacement of my dryer. I was even given a fairly significant discount off the last repair on that appliance as it was serviced previously by your company 10 days ago. Your technicians the first time were steadfast in troubleshooting for a solution to the problem and I felt the price was fair, as my clothes dryer worked perfectly. Ten days pass and another problem develops...service was within 2 hours from Bud Kuhlmann/owner...and the advice was direct and honest to a fault... that the cost would outweigh the value, with additional advice on where to go for replacement and best prices. Thank you so very much for being exactly who you are  "Reliable Appliance Repair"  !!  I have recommended you on my FB page , and thank you again." Kym B. - Holiday

"You have no idea how helpful you were to us on the phone tonight... I work for an attorney in South Tampa out of his home, and he has many health issues.  I had prepared a baked chicken recipe for his dinner, left to work out at the gym, and when I happened to stop by to see if the chicken came out okay, found the oven door had been locked inadvertently by his caregiver... Sears/Kenmore was completely unhelpful, insisting upon either a service call or a service contract, and I suspected by "Googling" that there was a simple remedy, with which you enlightened us!!!  You are what makes this world a BETTER place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please feel free to use our testimonials, referrals, etc.  My boss was thrilled... we shall (continue to) talk you up!!! " Kathy C. - Odessa

"This summer after several "do-it-yourself" fixes for our ailing fridge fizzled out, we spent a hot, discouraging day store-hopping for an affordable replacement. That evening as a last resort, we searched on-line for a local repair service and contacted Reliable. Bud came within an hour of our call, saving the day with a repair that has had our refrigerator working as efficiently (or better) than ever for a fraction of the cost of a new one. At no extra charge, he even returned cheerfully the next morning to recheck the unit and address any other concerns. Thank you for restoring our faith in a local service -- and in our fridge-- no more melted ice cream! "   Serge and Mary - Holiday

"My fridge went out on a Saturday and I was dreadfully trying to hold off til Monday due to the fear of extra surcharge (they did NOT charge extra) and come out on a Sunday morning! He was awesome! He showed us what he was doing while he did it! The fridge has my mountain dews as cool as ever and the cost was less than $90.00 to come out on a Sunday morning! I would recommend this company to anyone...It is great to know in Pasco County that there is a company that is not a scam!"   Susan S.- Port Richey

"Thank you, so much, Bud K., for taking care of our much needed dryer vent cleaning.  We are so glad we found you and will be recommending you to the community association, along with your business cards.  You'll remember us, Bob & Mary Ann, from Tarpon Springs with the excess soaking wet clogged vent.  Right after you left, Bob remembered where he had those photo's he wanted to show you from the Bahamas, so give us a call if you'd like to stop by sometime for a beer and to see those know, sometime when you've nothing to do!  Just give us a call when you're in the area to make sure we're home.  You really did a lot of work, and we should have paid you need to increase your rates!   We sent a message to our Homeowner's Association to let them relay to others in our community about your terrific service. We were so pleased with Bud's promptness and knowledge of repairs. Your rates are the most reasonable of anyone we have used over the years, too. We will certainly be using RELIABLE from now on and would encourage everyone else to do so!  Bob & Mary Ann K. - Tarpon Springs

"I would like to recommend Reliable Appliance Repair for anyone looking to have ANY appliance repairs done in the house.   I needed my dryer fixed and I also wanted to learn more about how to fix it.     My service representative, Bud, showed up and not only fixed my dryer but was more than happy to show me what he was fixing and why he was fixing it.    Even after the service call was complete Bud took the time to show me and the family how to increase the life of other appliances in the house with some simple maintenance.   I will always use  Reliable Appliance Repair in the future and strongly recommend them to anyone looking."   John T. - Clearwater


"Working with RELIABLE was painless for both my tenants and myself. He was out very late in the evening to address a refrigerator issue for us and had the thing running and cooling in short order. By the time he had rewired the motor, tested and restocked the freezer from the cooler he brought (just in case) and then cleaned up and got out of there it was 10:45 at night. All this and it was much less than I ever thought possible for a refrigerator repair - and there was no hidden fees added on for the late call."  Dale F. - Palm Harbor

"I have never seen or heard of anyone going above and beyond the call of duty like this. I appreciate your quick response time, your estimates over the phone, your explanations and your follow up email. I will gladly refer you to my friends, neighbors and clients as the opportunities present themselves. Thanks again."   Todd J. - Trinity

"I wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I have received from Reliable Appliance Repair and I would recommend them to everyone!  They are courteous, very professional and were able to fix the problem very quickly. They are very affordable as well. I will surely use them in the future if I have any other appliance problems.  Very satisfied customer!! Thank You"  Kathleen M -Holiday

"Came out on a Saturday for my refrigerator and didn't charge me extra. Fast service and very reasonable rates--even before the Senior discount!"   Carol P. - Tarpon Spring

"I called for a dryer vent cleaning and was surprised at how thorough your man was. For only $55, he cleaned the vent stack completely, cleaned out the dryer cabinet and then the laundry room too. Very Impressive ...... considering there was a lot of lint everywhere."  Rick V. - Westchase

"Being on a budget, I wasn't sure if your low prices would get jacked up once the guy was out here, but they stayed right where you quoted - very affordable."   Brenda R. - Town & Country-Tampa

"Your technician was really quick to get out here and did the job quite thoroughly. He gave me some helpful hints about my dishwasher and the hard water, too. "   Janet P. - Odessa

"RELIABLE came out within half an hour of our call Thursday nite about our fridge. The repairman had it running like a top within an hour or so, too. The office had given me a quote on the phone and that was exactly what it cost me-no extras tacked on at all. Honest, efficient and affordable." Mary B.  - Port Richey

"You can be assured I will keep your number and recommend you. Already gave your name to people who own another rental close to  ours. I can only wish that everyone we do business with would be as timely, honest and cost effective. Lucie H. - New Port Richey

"The technician was totally honest and above-board. Told me my washer was 'dead' and didn't instead try to sell me on some bogus repair. I appreciated that and will recommend you to my friends."     Enrique H. - Citrus Park



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